Cutting Down on Travel Time for Your Plumbing Business

Cutting Down on Travel Time for Your Plumbing Business

Just when you have gone through the rigor of becoming a professional plumber and have managed to set your own business, you soon realized there is one thing you didn’t see coming – travel time. Traveling is an inseparable part of plumbing work since plumbing involves meeting people and addressing their concerns at the point of their needs.

However, it eats into your time and money and in the long-run, may adversely affect the quality of your services. The truth, however, is that you can cut down on that, and here’s how;

Be Keen On Your Marketing Strategies

As a plumber, one of the reasons you would regularly have to travel is so as to market your business. This is a good idea but if you suspect it is eating into your time, then chances are you could be doing it the wrong way.

There are, however, better ways of marketing your plumbing business and one that is most convenient in this era of the internet is doing it online. You could have your services clearly mapped out in your social media platforms [thereby referred to as social media marketing] or you could even have an email list where you send emails to your previous clients to remind them of what you now offer.

Keep Communication As Clear and Concise as Possible

Now, let us assume you receive a call from a client that is 100 miles away and the offer sounds enticing you definitely feel like you should take them up on it. The next thought that will spring into your mind is – take your truck and rush to the site so as to assess the situation. Clearly, you are thinking along reasonable lines but what if upon arrival, you find out the task is beyond your expertise? You will come back to your site with nothing but disappointment.

It is for this [and other similar] reasons that you need to ensure you ask all the pertinent questions. Before jumping onto your truck, ensure you have some idea of the kind of work you are needed for. Is it one that is overly intensive? Is it one you would subcontract or do yourself? Does it require materials you would need to carry along or buy from the hardware etc? Once you have settled with these questions, you can now travel with the assurance that you will spend as little time as possible fixing he plumbing problem in question.

Be Localized

There is nothing as comforting as the thought of doing business within your locale and no one understands this better than a plumber. Indeed, this is the only sure way of cutting on all travel time and expenses.

All you have to do is find a prime spot to set up your business. As a general rule, you could opt for a site that is within close proximity of both commercial and residential places. This way, your clients can locate you by simply walking up to you business. You will find yourself able to cater for so many clients in a day because while you will be commanding a rather smaller geographical expanse, clients actually prefer dealing with a plumber they can see any time they want.

Have Flexible Travel Options

When all is said and done, you may just have to make those occasional travels after all, especially when the deal is too good to turn down. In such cases, you could have a more flexible travel option such as a motorbike. Imagine you have received a call from a client located in the New York City Central Business District and apparently, you are needed there during rush hour.

The mere thought of traffic jam is enough to dampen your spirits but with a flexible transport means such as a motorbike, you could carefully pack your tools of trade and be on site in time for the repair needed.